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Material Submission PolicyAcceptable File Formats

Material Submission Policy

By submitting content to us, you agree to be bound by our Materials Sumission Policy detailed below:

  • Submitter acknowledges that has no obligation to publish materials submitted, and that may edit materials submitted to meet our technical and/or space requirements.
  • Submitter agrees that the accredited publication of submitted materials on Site, for any period, constitutes good and valuable consideration in exchange for the rights granted in submitted materials, as stipulated in the paragraphs below.
  • Submitter acknowledges that he is an unpaid, independent producer of any materials submitted, and is not an employee or agent of, and will not identify or otherwise represent himself as such.
  • Submitter grants Chris Peterson Communications LLC, and its assigneess a non-exclusive license to publish works in connection with, and any advertising or promotional materials associated therewith.
  • Submitter indemnifies Chris Peterson Communications LLC and its assigneess from the claims of any third party with regard to unauthorized reproduction, or the infringement of the rights of any third party with respect to the materials submitted.
  • Submitter indemnifies Chris Peterson Communications LLC and its assigneess from the claims of any third party with regard to lible, right of privacy and/or right of publicity with respect to the materials submitted.
  • Submitter agrees to use his real and truthful name and contact information in connection with any materials submitted and agrees that Chris Peterson Communications LLC or its assignees has the right to obtain information needed to determine Submitter’s true identity from the provider of any Internet host or service provider, for the purposes of enforcing this agreement.
  • Submitter acknowledges that the stipulations set forth herein may change from time to time, and that he is responsible to comply with the submission requirements posted at the time any materials are submitted to us.

Pursuant to the agreement stipulated above, you may submit materials here.

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Acceptable File Formats

Photographs: We can accept all standard formats used on the web, e.g., .jpg, .gif, and .png.  We reserve the right to crop photos to meet our page layout requirements, and to decrease resolution to reach file sizes friendly for all of our users.

Documents: We accept Microsoft Word (.docx) and Microsoft Publisher (.pub). We also accept most Adobe formats.

Adobe Acrobat PDF: This format is fine for fliers about your upcoming events, etc. As we are unable to edit this format, we may contact you if any difficulties arise.

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